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Hotel Accountant


Responsible for all aspects of Hotel Financial Statements including cost, expense collection revenue activity to the general ledger,
bank statement and credit card reconciliations, analytical review of account balances, timely and accurate preparation and
dissemination of financial statements, and variance analysis (actual, budget, and prior period).

Assisting the General Manager in ensure the hotel remains profitable.


To report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform and name badge and maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene
and appearance at all times.

To provide a courteous and efficient service at all times.

To be familiar with and abide by the rules and regulation set out in the employees’ handbook.

To be familiar with all Emergency, Hurricane and Fire procedures in the hotel.

To attend all training and meetings scheduled by management.



Ensure revenue information (Payroll, Receivables, F&B Control, Income Auditor Payables
& Purchasing) are received on a timely basis.

Ensure all accounting information is accurately entered into the system.

Prepare Weekly Cash Flow and submit to General Manager, Regional Auditor and

Managing Director

Prepare Flash revenue reports and submit to General Manager, Regional

Auditor and Managing Director on a timely basis.

Prepare monthly Financial Statement inclusive of Balance Sheet on timely basis

Prepare Variance report on all variances above budget and submit to General
Manager and Managing Director

Analyze financial information for accuracy, identify anomalies between budget/actual/prior

period variances and make necessary corrections prior to finalizing financial statements.

Review and approve all weekly department rosters.

Review all Weekly Department Expenses and address where necessary.

Ensure that the Hotel Receivables are always with a 30 day holding period.

Report and address all accounting improprieties.

Ensure payroll is completed and disburse to banks on a timely basis.
Ensure timely reconciliation local bank accounts; timely prepare and enter related journal entries.
Approve all purchases for Purchasing Department and other departments.

Conduct random spot check on foreign exchange collection at Reception.

Conduct random spot check on Reservations Vouchers and Guest Folio to ensure any

difference in rate is explained and justified if not approved by GM.

Prepare Taxes and ABST returns on a timely basis to avoid penalty charges.

Analyze business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and

obligations, to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice.

Assist General Manager in the preparation of the annual budget and attend Budget

reviews and meetings as requested.

All Accounting staff report to work on a timely basis.

Maintain Financial security by following Internal Controls.

Prepares payments by verifying documentations in preparation for disbursement.

Substantiate Financial transactions by auditing documents.